ACCA Courses in Riga

ACCA courses are held
at PwC
Kr. Valdemara 19
Before you come on our courses, you have to be registered with the ACCA. If you have any questions about registration with the ACCA please contact us and we will provide you with additional help. After registration with the ACCA, you will receive details of which exams you have to attempt.

We advise you to register at least 1 week before the course.

To come on our courses you have to register with us. We advise you to register at least 1 week before the course. You can enrol on any of our courses directly on our website.

You may cancel any part of any course at any time up to one week before the start of the course. We issue invoices immediately after each course, but if you do not inform us that you will not be attending at least one week before the course starts, then you will be charged in full for the course.

All the courses are held
at PricewaterhouseCooperswC
Kr. Valdemara 19 (which is in the centre of Riga). Click here to see it on the map
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All courses begin at 9 a.m. each day, and will finish at approximately 5 p.m. (unless otherwise stated). There is a lunch break from 12.30 to 13.30. and also a short break for refreshments each morning and afternoon.

Course Structure

The Introductory and Interim Courses are teaching the syllabus. The Revision Course is concentrating more on examination technique and is largely question practice using previous real examination questions.

Although the entire syllabus is covered during the courses in an easy to understand way, the size of the syllabus means that the courses will be very intensive and that only a limited amount of time can be devoted to attempting questions during the Introductory and Interim courses.

It is therefore essential that students use the text book to study, at their own speed, the topics which will have been previously explained during the course, and that they attempt practice questions in order to ensure that they have mastered the topics.

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